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    sentiment score with R and Tableau

    Neeraj Khurana

      Hi All


      This is my first question so if I miss anything, please guide.


      I am new to R, has only done basic training. What I am trying to do is pass on string of words from my data to R, do a semi/inner join with the sentiment data and get the score. I have tested the following script in Rstudio and it works fine.






      In Tableau, I have got Rserve running and connected properly ( I have tested basic calc and they work fine on R). I am running following script in measure calc










      word is a dimension so I am passing it as ATTR([word]). When I drag word dimention from data source to viz and calc measure, I get following error



      • The result returned by the SCRIPT function is of an unexpected type.



      I am not sure if this is how it suppose to work. I am expecting a score where word found in the sentiment dictionary against my data set words.


      I have also enclosed the packaged workbook.