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    Request Limits on Tableau Online

    Sean  Duncan



      My company is using Tableau Online. Currently we have ~1500 data sources that are automatically updated daily via the Python Tableau Server Client implementation of Tableau's REST API. This amounts to around ~1500 POST requests to Tableau Online plus an additional ~3000 GET requests to retrieve information about the data source/project we are publishing to. Currently, we are encountering an issue where we encounter the following error code when trying to run this process:


      429000: Too Many Requests

      Too many requests for 'api.rest.publish'. Please retry after X seconds. (Where X is some integer value)


      In both the Tableau REST API (https://onlinehelp.tableau.com/current/api/rest_api/en-us/help.htm#REST/rest_api_ref.htm#API_Reference%3FTocPath%3DAPI%2… ) and the Python Tableau Server Client (API reference ) documentation, the only mention of this 429000 error is at (Fundamentals-Tableau Server REST API ). However, there is no information on what these limits are, nor what "trying again later" is defined as. For reference, we are using the Tableau Server Version: 2018.1.0 (20181.18.0612.1625) 64-bit Windows version of Tableau Online. Additionally, we are using Tableau SDK 10.2 to create tde files that we append to existing data sources in Tableau Online. These tde files are on average 225 kb each.