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    Calculating How Many Dates/Transactions that Falls on Some Date Ranges

    Adhitya Sanusi

      Hi All,


      I have difficulties calculating how many dates (transaction) that falls on some certain date ranges. Below is the screen shot from Tableau.



      For example Adviser A.

      • There are 2 authorisation range periods - 1/06/2016 up to 12/11/2016 (Period 1) and 02/02/17 up to NULL  (Period 2) (NULL means the adviser still authorising up to today)
      • There are 3 transactions - 01/07/2016, 01/12/2016, and 03/03/2017
      • So for Adviser A, there are 2 transaction that falls into any period (01/07/2016 on Period 1 and 03/03/2017 on Period 2) and 1 transaction that doesn't fall into any periods.
      • In conclusion, total transactions = 3, total transactions that fall into any period = 2, total transactions that NOT fall into any period = 1.


      Attached are the excel spreadsheet and the tableau file for your perusal.


      Thank you all for your help. I really appreciate it.