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    Full Round - Gauge/Speedometer Kind of Circular Chart

    Karthikeyan Masialamani



      I am planning to draw Gauge/Speedometer kind of full round with some major 5 partitions and inside those partitions 5 more partitions needs to added.



      If I click any of these filters, I have 5 values.






      5) Null


      Now...I want to draw some circle char with 5 major area ( Project Benefit Thresholds, Project Costs Thresholds, Planned Benefit Thresholds, Planned Benefit Thresholds, Labor Actuals Threshold) and inside of each area , I need to display 5 portions ( which are listed above), If I click on say for example, Project Benefit Category AREA --> >200$K THEN RESPECTIVE PROJECT should be filtered.


      I have designed this dashboard with the above basic format filter, now I want to upgrade it a single circular chart.


      I have read lot of articles and found needs to setup X & Y co-ordinates for this, but don't know how exactly set the values for X & Y.


      Inputs are highly appreciable!

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