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    Stuck at creating visual representation with calculated Fields in Tableau

    Sudha Rawlley

      I am working on analysing production incentive disbursed to company workmen in a particular month.

      I have 7 organizational units(OU) under one group and want to analyse it at group level. My backup data has All information about OU gross wages and Production incentive.


      I want a graph that show count of employees who have gross wages > 25000 and then total incentive disbursed to those.


      I am unable to get this count and come up with a graphical representation which shows unit wise count of employees with gross> 25000 and total Production incentive disbursed to them.



      Employee Code
      Fixed Gross
      Production Incentive


      What I am looking for is a graph that gives


      count of gross> 25000 and their sum of prod inc


      in this case i want it to show Paris -2 -14200(13000+1200)

      it should not pick employee code 22 as its gross is less than 25000.

      i am also attaching tableau work book where in i tried making the same. please help.