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    Display all the weeks between two dates

    lalitha p

      Hello Everyone,


      I have project start date and project end date, like this.

      Proj Number          Proj Start date                 Proj End Date

      123                         17-05-2018                     08-10-2018

      1234                       21-02-2018                     04-12-2018


      Here i want to display the weeks between these two dates

      eg.,  for 1st project , week 20 to week 41. So i should display all week 20  week 21  week 22 week 23 till week 41 or either i should display the dates(like week starting date)

      so that i want to track down all the employees/projects falls in between these weeks

      I tried many ways but didn't get any way to get this weeks or dates like this.


      Any idea please let me know.