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    Calculating fields - only the value of the latest date

    nicolas bargas



      I want to show in tableau only the up do date outstanding PO quantity (highlighted below).

      Would the best way to do that would be to have a calculated field, where I only keep the latest value of the outstanding PO according to the last row or invoice date?

      If yes, can you give me a hand in computing the formula?


      PO#Invoice DateOutstanding PO Qty
      C1600208            2016101284
      C1600208            2016101790
      C1600208            2016102882
      C1600208            2016121572
      C1600208            2017040358
      C1600208            2017041946
      C1600208            2017052432
      C1600208            201706268
      C1600208            2018040714
      C1600209            201612167
      C1600209            201701135
      C1600209            201702104
      C1600209            201702243
      C1600209            201703102
      C1600209            201703231
      C1600209            201704070