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    Tableau site migration with OS upgrades

    Bani Mishra

      Hello Team, our client is using Tableau 9.1.0 at present in windows 7 server (in IBM Cloud) and user access is via urls.

      Now we are migrating this server to new cloud DC/server with windows 2016 (win 10). Since Tableau 9.1.0 is not compatible in windows 10 - we have an option such as -


      - Install Tableau compatible version in windows 10 and get the old server back up deployed in the new one.


      Any recommendations in this regards will be helpful...like which Tableau version we should upgrade to in win 10 (client has no recommendations), will it be a one time migration or phase wise (a lower version first and then upgrade to a higher version), any technical challenges we might encounter  in terms of data source connectivity ( it is Oracle peoplesoft) functionality mismatch etc....


      Thanks for your help,