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    Use icons to control parameter

    Mila T

      Hi folks,


      I'm really stuck on this and trying to find solution but without success so far

      So, I have created 3 sheets (Profit, Sales, Discount) that I put on dashboard. (Dashboard2)

      Also, I created a parameter to switch between them. (View - parameter)

      Now, my 1 question is:

      1. How to show the whole selected sheet on dashboard. e.g. If I select "Profit" I would like to see it on the whole range below the picture but now I can see it only 1/3


      and the second question is:


      2. How to use the icons that I put on picture on Dashboard2 ( 'Profit', 'Sales' and 'Discount') to change parameter control so I can use this icons instead of Parameter on the right side.


      Thanks a lot!