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    Email alert when Active directory Synchronization is failed

    Manasa Chimmani



      We have scheduled a number of active directory groups to be synchronization  every day. But as one of our AD group is removed in the domain the AD synchronization in tableau is failed. But we did not get any email notification. Could you please help me in how to set up the email notification when the Ad group synchronization is failed.



      Thanks in advance.





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          Jeff Strauss

          One such method for viewing failed AD syncs is to look at the built-in admin report: BackgroundTasksforNonExtracts



          But if you want to be alerted to the failure, then you can do something similar to this.  Attached is the workbook, you will have to update the connection specific to your deployment.


          1. Query the internal Tableau Postgres database with a readonly account.


          2. Use custom SQL:


            groups.name as name,

            _users.name as _users_name,

            _sites.name as _sites_name,

            domains.short_name AS short_name,


          FROM public.group_users

            INNER JOIN public.groups  ON (group_users.group_id = groups.id)

            INNER JOIN public._users  ON (group_users.user_id = _users.id)

            INNER JOIN public._sites  ON (groups.site_id = _sites.id)

            INNER JOIN public.domains ON (groups.domain_id = domains.id)

            LEFT JOIN (select substring(notes, (position('''' in notes)+1), ((position('in Active' in notes)) - (position('''' in notes)+1))-2) invalid_grp

                      from async_jobs where notes like '%No such group%') _async ON groups.name = invalid_grp


          3. Create a filter on the field "invalid_grp"


          4. Subscribe to the view, and only send if it's not empty