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    How to add multiple Custom SQL without keeping any relation between them

    Anuj Vaijapurkar

      Hi there,


      I am using multiple PostgreSQL databases and need to write Custom SQL as pg functions aren't supported. I need to create multiple reports using different queries. These queries doesn't need to be connected with other queries or tables in the same tableau project. e.g. Query 1 gives me product report from db1 1 whereas Query 2 gives me user login/site traffic report from db2 which is not at all linked with the product report. At this stage I can either create a Product Report or a Traffic Report but not both in 1 tableau project. I need to have both under 1 project as I need to create a dashboard with multiple similar sheets. Currently, it forces me to set up at least 1 join between them, which is not possible.


      How can I achieve this?


      Thanks in advance.