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    Print multiple versions of a desktop for each customer?

    Victor Clarke

      I know Tableau is not really designed for printing reports, but some times you do need to produce reports.


      In my case I have created a Dashboard that has multiple different Worksheets in it. What I want to do is print a report for every customer that has one page per customer in the format of the Dashboard in the attached Tableau file.


      Whilst my data is confidential, I have created a (very simplified) example using SuperStore of what it looks like. There is a filter that applies to each of the 3 worksheets that make up the Dashboard (in my real life example, I have 9 separate worksheets making up the dashboard). To print it out for every customer, I would have to change the filter to select each customer individually, press print (to PDF) and then repeat for each customer. Sounds like a very laborious process.


      Does anyone know of a way to do this in Tableau other than this manual process (my suspicion is it is not possible, and I will have to build the Dashboard in some other software like Access, which would be a pity, as Tableau is being used for all my other reports, and is very easy to set up the report - just not to print it out?


      Thank you