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    Incremental refreshes always taking precedence over full refreshes in Tableau Online


      I have a data source that needs to display reports in as close to real time as possible. I have scheduled hourly incremental refreshes of the data source at 30 minutes after the hour and then additional hourly incremental refreshes at the top of the hour, except overnight. This ensures that the data displayed in Tableau Online is never more than 30 minutes old. Since connecting directly to the underlying data source is very slow, this is an acceptable tradeoff.


      From time to time, I need to fully refresh the datasource to account for deletions and edits to old data. I try schedule full refreshes overnight when no one is accessing the data, and when I have an hour time window when an incremental refresh will not be attempted.


      I haven't been able to get any of my full refreshes to work. Fully refreshing the datasource takes 45-60 minutes, so there's usually no way to avoid an incremental refresh taking place during that time. When an incremental refresh happens, it always causes the full refresh to fail. They fail regardless of whether the full refresh was started before or after the incremental refresh. I've tried sequential refresh times, thinking that this might cause the incremental refresh to queue after the full refresh, with no luck.


      I know there is a priority order but it doesn't seem like I can customize this in Tableau Online. It always displays 50.


      Is there any scheduling trick (or anything else I'm missing) to make sure that my full refreshes take precedence over partial refreshes? If one is going to fail, let it be the incremental refresh from time to time. I would ideally not need to perform surgery on my refresh schedule each time I need to fully refresh the datasource.