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    Gavin Wong

      Hi community


      can someone explain to me whats wrong here ?

      i am attempting to create a calculated field to show just 2017 sales, using iif

      but got this attached error...


      any help is appreciated.

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          Tushar  More



          try this


          iif (year(order date)=2017, sales,0)



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            Gavin Wong

            Thank you.

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              Gavin Wong

              Hi Tushar  More


              see what i've done below, what does the error mean and how can i correct it ?

              Screen Shot 2018-06-30 at 12.29.10.png

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                Hello Gavin,


                How about the below calculation?


                IF ATTR([Customer Name] = 'Aaron Bergman') THEN COUNTD([Order ID]) ELSE 0 END




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                  Tushar  More

                  Hi Gavin,


                  you can use min or attr before customer name i.e.

                  min([customer name])='Aron'


                  or attr ( [customer name ])




                  If that helps plz mark the answer as correct and helpful.

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                    ANURAG BISHT

                    Hi Gavin,

                    Considering an eg  data with 4 rows 2 columns     [name], [measure]:  abc,1    def, 2   ghi,3   jkl,4

                    Your IIF statement would work in 2 ways


                    IIF([name]='abc', [measure],0)   creating green pill with some default aggregation lets say you specify it as COUNTD.




                    IIF(attr([name])='abc',COUNTD([measure]),0) ,  this works because attr([name]) will check all rows containing abc as [name]


                    In 1st case: if case checks row by row and then aggregates measure as final result, so the condition and the true criteria is non aggregated.


                    In 2nd case: both the condition criteria and true condition are aggregated and result is a calculation with predefined aggregation type.


                    Hope this helps