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    How/Where preferences persistence in tableau server.

    Anuj Kumar

      I am looking for clarification of the below queries:

      1. How/where preferences persistence in tableau server for example creation of new workbook / already published workbook. Can I exported those to my newly installed Tableau server and vice versa ?
      2. How /where view related data are persistence in tableau. Can I exported the same to any newly installed tableau server without repeating the same steps in the new tableau server ?
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          mark santino

          Hi Anuj -


          1) Creation of a new workbook is not a preference. It would require the appropriate site role and content permissions. Site roles and permission settings are stored the in the server repository. They would carry over to a newly upgraded server or a server that was recovered from a backup file. A preference would apply to something like a specific filter or parameter setting on a dashboard. For example, If on a regional sales dashboard you're only always interested in viewing sales activity in the "Western Region", you can set that as a preference. You cannot simply export / import permission settings / preferences. The exception to this would be a site export, which would export users, workbooks, projects, extracts, and data connections specific to a site. More info here ==> Use Custom Views


          2) Unless I'm mistaken, I'm guessing you're asking about the location of data within Tableau Server. If it's a published data source, it would commonly be a pointer to live back-end data source (i.e. Oracle). However, it could pertain to a data source embedded in a workbook. Similar to above, this content would carry over to a new server in the event on a server upgrade or restore from a backup file.