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    Issue with Filter Popping on Dashboard

    Rachel Grillot

      Hi there,


      After watching a video by Joe Oppelt, I made my filters pop on the attached dashboard.  However, since they are overlaid on top of each other, you can't actually select a filter option from the dropdown displayed for any filter but the one on the 'top' layer.  Does anyone know of a way to solve this problem?



      Attached is a workbook - see on 'Newest dashboard', when you select a 'filter view' it changes the filter that appears next to it.  Thanks!

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          Joe Oppelt

          Are you on version 10.4 or later?


          See this thread.


          I attached a sample workbook to show what you can do about it.


          Sheet popping behavior has changed in 10.5 (actually starting with 10.4)

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            Joe Oppelt

            I'm looking at your workbook.  (V10.5.)  So you have 4 different filters here -- and the old popping method really lends itself to changing the filters.  But the new behavior won't accommodate us any more.


            I started messing with your dashboard.  In the attached I made a copy of your dashboard.  I floated the 4 filters and the 4 pop-outs.  (You'll only need 3, I think.)  In the 4 popouts I unchecked "show header" on [Bogus] so that we're only getting the actual mark that the sheet displays.  I put [Bogus] in TEXT, but I replaced the actual field with just the name of the filter we're playing with so that I can see what's what when the pop-out displays.


            The 4 filters are in a container.  I messed only with the "Portfolio" filter and its pop-out for now.  And for visual purposes I put a tiny container that I colored black so that I can have a guideline.  I placed it over the title of the portfolio filter.  Now when anything else is selected, the portfolio popout goes away, and I want Asset Node filter to occupy the exact spot that portfolio did.    I sized the text area of the portfolio popout so that when it disappears, Asset Node moves where Portfolio was.


            If I continued this, I would do the same with Asset Name next.  Put that popout above the portfolio popout, and then resize its text area so that when Asset Name is cleared, Asset Node moves into the same spot where Asset Name was.

            It will be tedious.  But in the end you'll have 3 different popouts of different sizes, each will push the stack downward so that the correct filter occupies the same space.  (Don't worry about positioning all this in the right spot for now.  Just get the spacing to work.)


            Once the machinery is working, you'll position this long container with the starting y-coordinate in some negative number so that the viewing area where the correct filter will display lines up with your other filters.  You'll block out the top of this mess with an object like the text box you were previously using.  (Design tip.  I type into these text boxes a brief message stating its purpose.  I did that on yours.  Set the color to white so the users don't see it.  But a year from now when someone needs to do maintenance here, you'll know what it is there for.)

            The bottom of this machinery will also have to be hidden.  You'll see that it will push down over the donut graph.  You'll want to float that container so that it floats above the lower portion of the filter container to hide the lower filters that shouldn't be seen when an upper one is displayed.  Color the donut container white so that it's opaque and hides the other filters.  Or mask the lower part with another text box.

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              Rachel Grillot

              Thank you, Joe!  I will try my hand at this.