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    X-axis date formatting

    Zoerab Zakrijev

      Hi guys,


      I created a view which shows data by months, and applied a custom formatting to show my months (MMM 'YY).


      But then whenever I go more granular, for instance viewing chart by clicking on these




      I lose my custom formatting applied. From here my question, is it possible to keep your custom formatting on x-axis no matter how

      granular you go on the view? If not what are the way arounds? (Do I make two-three views and filter them using action links?)


      Already tried this method eventhough it's not really applicable to my situation (correct me if I'm wrong): Dynamic Axis Labels/Formatting/Tooltips for Measure Selector


      Thank you very much in advance.



      With kind regards,



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          Patrick Van Der Hyde

          Hello Zoerab,


          Have you tried the option of formatting the tick marks.  It looks like you could edit your X axis to utilize Fixed tick marks to the month level by setting the Tick Origin and then the Interval to 1 month for units. 



          Does that work?



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            Zoerab Zakrijev

            Thank you, Patrick.


            I have edited as you have showed, but still, whenever I drill down and drill up, my custom formatting gets reset. What I ideally want is that no matter how granular I go on my view, custom formatting applied: MMM 'YY would be kept as it is defined.


            From my experimenting I came to conclusion that this is not possible in tableau, unless I use 3 or 4 different views and link them with a parameter.

            But I believe that even then an end-user can just click on the plus and minus signs and replicate the same issue. (Unless I cover plus and minus signs)


            With kind regards,