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    Join a Tableau Calculated Field to DB Calculated Field

    Baili Connors

      Hello Everyone,


      Is there any way to join on a Tableau calculated field?


      I currently have two fields (one DB and one Excel spreadsheet) no problem with joins there, but the names are in a different format - for example, [DB Name Field] = John Doe whereas the [Excel Name Field] = Doe John.  From this example, it is obvious [DB Name Field] != [Excel Name Field].  Now, I have created a calculated field in Tableau to correct the [Excel Name Field].  I.E. [Tableau Calc] = John Doe.  It makes sense to me that I cannot join the [DB Name Field] with the [Tableau Calc] in the data source area at the top of the screen under the data source tab (since the calculation is not in the spreadsheet), but is there any way to create an inner join via calculated field or in the sheets in Tableau to say [DB Name Field] = [Tableau Calc]?


      I could do this manipulation in Excel, but I am hoping to make the change in Tableau because I would like to pull the data in the spreadsheet straight from the DB, in the future, so this report is real time (I am just working on a proof of concept right now).  If there is no way to address this in Tableau, I will have to continue to use spreadsheets or make a code change in the DB which could effect other processes that use that data.  Any advice would be appreciated.


      Thank you!!