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    Creating Attendee Name Badges with Company Logos

    Jo LeDuc

      Hello everyone -


      For every Madison TUG meeting, we create name tags for our attendees that include their company logo. We do this as sort of a built in ice breaker for attendees as it gives event the shyest person in the room something to talk about when they meet a new person.


      We have received very positive feedback from attendees and many inquiries about how we accomplish this task.  So if you are interested in trying this out for yourself, I've attached the following documents to help you get going:


      1. TUG_NameTagPresentation.pdf – copy of the presentation given during the June 2018 users group leadership meeting
      2. Setting Up Name Badge Template.docx – instructions on how to do the initial database and mail merge template set up
      3. TUG Name Tag Instructions.docx – instructions on how to generate name tags for a meeting
      4. TUG_Attendees.accdb – the base Access database


      My directions probably aren't perfect, so please let me know if you find anything that needs correcting/updating or if you have any questions.  I'd also would love to hear if someone finds a better/faster way to accomplish this task.






      Jo A. LeDuc, CIE, MCM, CPCU, AIDA

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