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    Show Historical Date Data


      I'm trying to create a chart showing a simple Number of Records over time.  What I am struggling with is retaining the historical Number of Records data.  What I'd like to show is a line graph showing that number of records over time, updating once a week.  Is there some way to do this, to maybe have the Tableau Server read a data source, count the number of records, and then create a new data source that is just dates and then a count?

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          Deepak Rai

          If you create a workbook and Publish and Set up Refresh schedule so that Tableau Server is able to Read your Fresh data per week, you would be good.

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            Michael Gillespie

            Jason, I'm not clear on what you're asking.


            Does the data set you are using not contain the historical data (i.e., it is always and only "CURRENT" data for whatever your definition of CURRENT is)?


            If that is the case, the only possible thing I can think of that MIGHT work is to create an extract of the CURRENT data and save that extract off to a file share somewhere.  You could use Tableau to export the data to a CSV file, and then (again, manually) UNION each of the resulting CSV's together to create a set of historical data points.  That's a lot of manual work, though.


            If that is NOT the problem, could you perhaps explain it in a little more detail?