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    Tableau oauth setup with Google bigquery for all users

    Sandeep Artham

      Hi Team,


      I have followed the steps mentioned in below link and configured Oauth for tableau with google bigquery.


      Link: Set up OAuth for Google


      But the problem is it is working fine for users who have roles like the designer, site admin. But not working for users with the interactor


      When a user with Interactive role tries to access views in the workbook in tableau server which is configured with Oauth.

      I am getting the error "Could not open the view because access to Google has been denied or revoked. To establish your credentials, publish the view's  workbook again"


      But actually, google bigquery account is working fine without any issue.


      Is there any setting configuring OAuth which I need to configure in Tableau to work for all users.

      Please help me in fixing this issue.