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    Using tabcmd to export data from a view

    minli nar



      I am able to export data in csv format. However, I am facing a few issue :

      1) the export only export the first set of data if there is more than one content in the same dashboard / tab.

          (for example, if i have 2 tables in a dashboard, it only export data from the first table)

          What should i do to export all data from a dashboard?


      2) even though I am connected to the server successfully, I am still asked to enter password again when i run the cmd line to export


      cd C:\Program Files\Tableau\Tableau Server\10.5\extras\Command Line Utility

      tabcmd login -s https://tableau.abc.net/#/site/services -u username -p password

      tabcmd export -t services "fileactiveusers/activeusers" --csv -f "activeusers.csv"  (after I execute this cmd, I am asked to enter password again. After password is entered, the file is saved to the folder)


      I am trying to use task scheduler to export the data and would like to know what I need to do to make it work.  For now the export is not working  because of the password issue.


      Any idea or help is greatly appreciated!

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          Jeff Strauss

          Hi Minli.  Based on the doc and my experience, the export to csv is specific to each individual tab.  (tabcmd Commands ).  So if you want to export multiple tabs, then you can do multiple tabcmd exports (one for each tab).


          For the double password prompt, try changing the tabcmd login and export to look something like this and see if this helps.


          tabcmd login --server https://tableau.abc.net --username username --password password --site "services" --timeout 1800


          tabcmd export "fileactiveusers/activeusers" --csv -f "activeusers.csv" --password password --timeout 1800


          tabcmd logout

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            minli nar

            Hi Jeff,


            Thank you so much for the script, it works!!


            As for the first question, what I want to do is export all data from a tab with multiple containers/tables. With this script, i am able to export only data for the first container.