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    Filter using second Secondary Source

    Sitwat Kazmi

      Hi All -

      I'm running into a bit of an issue that I thought I'd check the experts in the community with.


      I have a primary (Transactions) and 2 secondary connections (GL Balances and Feed Report). All the content for the vizualization comes from these two sources. The idea is all the transactions in the primary have a GL Code; the aggregates across each of the GL Codes in that source are matched up against the GL Balances source. That is the basic idea for the viz. The complexity is when we try to incorporate a filter from a third source. The connection there is that each Transaction item as a Feed ID (i.e. each transacation is part of some data feed). Each data feed is used for one or more reports and that relationship is captured in Feed-Report. I want to be able to filter these Trxn vs. GL viz by Report. The moment I bring in the filter, the balances seem to go completely off the charts. I know the answer is something to do with Parameters but I just can't seem to get there.


      See attached pictorial to see the relationships as well as the workbook. Any help on how to fix this would be very much appreciate it