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    Joining table with tableau desktop and the impact on response time

    Hanane Ouhammouch

      Hello folks,


      I have a question about joining table in tableau,


      I am trying to join 4 tables from the same database


      The database ( mysql) .

      The tables are indexed

      The big tables are partitioned


      The problem is that if I rely on one table with 6000000 rows for example the creation of the filter (list the values of the filter)  or the count of the id  the response time is really fast less than one minut

      When I do the same operation but with the join data source  the Execution of the query to display the filter exceeds 3 minutes with no result


      after checking the performance of the workbook ; the query executed in my second test case is not optimized


      my question is  what are the bests practice to follow to join my data in order to draw the best information


      and If anyone had the same problem could they share with me their experiences and what are the steps they followed


      thank you very much for your help


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