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    Keeping a Reference Line on an Empty Row

    Michael Strutynski

      I'm typically a "try to solve my own problems until I go crazy" kind of guy, so I ask for this help after many, many hours of struggling, searching the forum and any other website I could find. The struggle is real with this one.


      The data in this workbook does not match my business case, because it's employee based, sensitive information, but DOES represent my problem.  We have a target we'd like to display, as I've setup in the attached workbook using a reference line "per cell".  The targets are static and do not change whether you include all departments, multiple departments, or just one department.  (which might not make sense in the sample data, but in our case, the target is actually a percentage, not an integer)


      You'll see that I included the formatting option to "show empty rows" because even though department "b" in this case hasn't sold any computers, they still have a target to achieve (of selling 3 computers).  If you include department "A", you'll see the target line appear.


      How do we keep the target line of "3 units" present where the included Departments have no sales data?


      Thank you for anyone who spends time helping me with this problem!


      Using Tableau 10.5