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    How to give permissions to Tableau Server so that it can access Network Drive

    kate summer

      I use 10.5 version. I have one dashboard that built with two data sources. One is excel file and the other is Oracle database connection. The excel data source doesn't need to be refreshed at all. But the Oracle data source needs to be refreshed on a daily basis.


      I follow the instruction here - Auto-refresh excel data extract on Tableau Server on a schedule  and used UNC path when setting up the excel extract. I keep getting the extract refresh failed notification. The error message is "Connectionless Failure". I guess the problem is the server doesn't have access to the network drive?? So how to set up the permission for Tableau server to access network drive? I need to provide instructions for IT if I need them to help.


      Or is there a way to do a half refresh - only refresh one of the data sources (- Oracle data source in my case)?


      I also tried to put my excel file as a google sheet. When published the workbook on the Tableau server, it gets "Unknown database error" and can't publish the workbook at all when it set to refresh on a schedule. If it set to no refresh, the workbook published fine. Is it a problem of giving Tableau server access to google drive?


      Any help would be appreciated