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    Am I Not Replacing Data Sources Correctly?

    Jonathan Hodge

      Howdy All!


      So I have a dashboard tied to a view. In the dashboard itself many of the dimensions have been re-named.

      I can take the same SQL that built the view and put it in tableau. When I replace data sources, I get red exclamation points over every calculation that used a previously renamed dimension.



      1.) I have a [SALES] field in the view, I renamed the dimension in Tableau to [Sales].

      2.) The SQL pulls a [SALES] field too but in Tableau it appears as-is, [SALES].

      3.) I replace the data source to use the SQL instead of the view

      4.) Now any calculation that used [Sales] previously has a red exclamation on it. I have to re-name the field [SALES] back to [Sales] to fix all calculations.


      It can become a hindrance when say, 10 fields were re-named within Tableau and now all the calculations are broke.


      Is there a better way to handle this? Re-naming everything before pulling into Tableau would be good practice but in the above circumstance I am wondering if there are better ways.