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    Sankey (or another) chart for visualization of purchases flow

    Oleksandr Korshun



      I have the data which looks like this:


      In details:

      I am trying to visualize the order of 3 first purchases of our customers.

      The first, third and fifth columns on the screenshot represent the ID of a product. The second, fourth and sixth columns are the count / number of times the product was purchased in this order.


      In fact I have about 100k rows for each users. The data is extracted from Google BigQuery and the dashboard is presumed to refresh daily. The data on the screenshot is just an example I can share.


      I am trying to create a sankey chart or another type of flow chart to visualize the flow of purchases. I also want to show the shares of each product's purchases on each stage (i.e. when it's the 1st, 2nd and 3rd purchases of the user).

      I have some experience with Tableau. But creating such kind of chart causes some difficulties.


      I would appreciate if anyone can give some advice on how to do this better, or if any comprehensive guides are shared. I read some guides here on tableau community (including awesome Olivier CATHERIN's one) and some on the web. But didn't find them much helpfull as the most examples show how to create sankey using excel and and combination of two data sources (data+model). In my case, all the things need to be done directly in Tableau and/or SQL