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    Preferred Repository is setting up after server reboot

    vijay kumar

      We have cluster environment and in worker node 2 we have preferred repository and it is still setting up after we have done server reboot.

      all the processes are up and running fine except preferred repository.

      For clarity see the below screenshot

      What could be the possibility and the action item.

      Please respond immediately it's critical.

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          Matt Coles

          Hi Vijay. Issues that require immediate responses are best sent to the Support team, not the forums. But I'll give you my answer now. The Preferred repository is not always going to be the active repository. In general it should be, but there are situations where it won't be picked. I recall this occurring more in the 10.4 and earlier builds, if memory serves. That the preferred repository is not the active repository should not really be a big deal, however. Tableau Server will still run, and database operations will all take place on whichever is the active database. The passive database will always take some time to set up after an upgrade, and maybe after a reboot, depending on how much data it needs to catch back up on. Though if it has been setting up for hours, rather than minutes, then it's probably time to talk to the Support team.