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    Showing language-data on a map

    Gustav Juhler

      Hi fellow users,


      I have some data that has a score which is calculated for different languages. The languages are in the following format:

      • english
      • ukrainian
      • thai
      • schinese
      • tchinese
      • russian
      • dutch


      I dont know if these are easily recognizable by the software, but I would love to be able to show it on a map. I see two potential issues:

      1. It might not be able understand 'schinese'
      2. I tried to make a function myself, manually telling it to interpret e.g.'english' as 'USA', but ultimately I would like to to show all English-speaking countries and not only USA for this particular score.


      I hope you can give me some ideas about how to portrait this.




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          Mavis Liu

          Hi Gustav,


          Apologies but I'm struggling to understand what the expected outcome is. Could you provide us with the data or twbx and give us maybe some screenshots of what you expect as the final outcome?





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            Gustav Juhler

            Hi Mavis,


            Thank you for your reply, I am sorry if I have not made my problem clear enough.


            I have a dataset with a large number of user reviews, with a new datapoint/row for each review. Along with the review text, these data points also have some metadata, e.g. 'language'.


            I am currently showing a distribution of the number of data points divided into the different languages (see image).




            The coloring of the image shows another metadata, i.e. the review score of all reviews for that particular language - so for instance if the English reviews are generally more positive, the color of the English tile will be darker.


            I would like to portrait this overview of review scores across languages on a geographical map, where the color of the different countries would represent the review score for the related language. Do do this I need to be able to create a link between the language variable and a geographical country-variable. Does any of you know how to do this, if it is even possible? (I could hard-code it for every country, but I still need to figure out, e.g. how to make 'Englishø apply to both UK and USA).


            Below is a graphical example of what I am trying to acomplish. Note that I could not make English account for both the UK and USA.




            I hope this has helped clear out some questions, let me know if I should ellaborate more on the subject.


            / Gustav