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    grouped column with cumulative lines on double y-axes

    William Graham

      I'm trying to create a graph that shows monthly totals for planned and actual in a grouped column - not difficult - I got that.

      AND I need to overlay the monthly cumulative amounts of planned and actual to the second y-axis.

      I can get half-way there in Tableau - either grouped columns OR the two cumulative lines, but not both on one graph.


      This is how I did it in Excel.

      The graphic shows what I need (ignoring formatting), and I've attached an spreadsheet with the raw data.

      The table in columns A-D are pseudo-data but representative of the native data.

      Columns G-K are representative of pivot table output.

      For this exercise I copy/pasted values for graphing simplicity as I don't want to accumulate past the current fiscal month.


      Any ideas?