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      • 15. Re: Automate pdf printing of reports
        Mark Fraser

        Hi Rachel


        I taught myself out of need, and was keen to share my experience, I'm glad the above was useful


        With regard to your question, I use PDFill, (for the PDF editing, authoring etc. as I can use it from the command line, and then via a batch file)

        PDFill has a MERGE function which can be called via the command line, so I assume its possible, although I haven't personally tried


        You can find more information below

        Free PDF Editor Tools: How to Merge, Combine or Join Multiple PDF files Online/Desktop for Free

        So I think you would first need to export both dashboards separately (as their own PDFs), then merge both once exported via PDFill (or equivalent)

        I would assume the order you put the PDFs is the order in which they will merge - within the batch you'll need to reference the file names, but that should be easy as you (likely) exported/named them in the previous step


        As mentioned, the above about merging is all an educated  guess, I have never tried merging, but it does seem possible

        I hope the above is useful, if you have any questions, i can try and help further




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