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    Use Region Hierarchie from OLAP in different filter


      Dear Tableau Community,


      i´m directly connected to a cube and want to split the Region Hierarchy from the SSAS Cube in different Filter. The Region hierarchy looks like: Region --> Country --> Location. Now I want to have Region and country as separate filter in my dashboard. Therefore I've created a set out of the dimension only for Region and country. But I couldn´t achieve that the country filter reacts on the filtering of region dynamically. What I want to achieve is that when I filter a region, the corresponding countries should be shown in the country filter. And a filtering on country should show me the corresponding locations on my dashboard. But if no country was selected and only a region, it should show me the Top/Flop countries. The Top/Bottom logic is already implemented.

      Since the hierarchy in OLAP doesn´t give me the needed levels of countries and locations I had to create sets to get the information. But now I don´t know how to connect the sets dynamically to solve this issue.




      Thank you in advance!