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    Set Boolean Filter to Return Values of Selections this "AND" this...

    Liz Lucabaugh

      Hi Everyone,


      Our clients are wanting to see only relevant question items (in a table) that correspond to particular "tags" or subject areas, after they've selected these "tags" in a drop-down filter. Each question item can have multiple tags and each tag can have multiple question items tied to them. What they would like to do is to ONLY show those question items that correspond to the EXACT combination of tags they've selected in the filter. For example, they go to the Tag filter and select "Nervous System", "Renal" AND "Cardio", then the specific question items (items 4, 6 and 9 for example) that correspond to ALL of those tags would pop-up. So in this instance, questions 4, 6 and 9 contain ALL 3 tags. They do NOT want to see all items related to Nervous System or all items related to Renal, etc...How do I program the filter to do this? Or is their a calculated field I should create?