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    Snapshot of yesterday data

    veeru G

      Hi Team,

      I have fields like Project name, Project ID, Project Status. Here i need to show today & Yesterday project status. Suppose today project 1 status is open and tomorrow status is closed but in our data there is no date field. every day data is updated, there is no yesterday data. How we can show yesterday status.


      Thanks Much,


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          Levan Uridia



          You can drop fields "Project ID" and "Project status" to the rows. Then go  to Analisis->View Data and export all.

          This will save the two columns of todays data as a csv file. You can name the column "Project status" of the saved data as "Yesterday project status". Now after data is updated you can blend updated data with saved one using the field "Project ID".

          Then you will have both todays and yesterdays statuses of the projects.

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            veeru G

            Hi Levan,

            The data is coming from SQL Server. we have a table with current day status only. Tomorrow it will over write by tomorrow status. There is no Yesterday data.

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              Jim Dehner

              Good morning

              What Levan is saying is that Tableau does not support versions in that way - you would need to have separate today and yesterday versions of you viz

              when you refresh the data the data set is replaced with the new data



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