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    Complaints Dashboard

    Jay Jesus

      Hello -


      I would like to post a topic on the data sheets and dashboards that I will be working on. Focus area would be Corporate Complaints and attaching a document along with this message.


      1) I have about 4-5 columns of data which contain summary of a complaint as in its origin, responses and how it's been handled for a case

      2) The business would like to see that information on a sheet or dashboard, since they need to evaluate the root cause and investigate

      3) They might want to filter those columns based on word selections as in AML/ Fraud / Ethics etc...

      4) would like to know how we could give them the flexibility to filter and check out the data interactively on a sheet or dashboard.

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          Amber Loranger

          Hi Jay!

          I'm reading over your post and looking at your screenshot, but I'm not sure exactly what you need help with. Can you provide a twbx (packaged workbook) that shows what you've worked on so far, and maybe some more details about where you are stuck?

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            Jay Jesus

            Appreciate your response, I have actually built a worksheet. Unfortunately I will not be able to share any data or info , below is a screenshot. This worksheet consists Case id, Issue Id and other columns of data. I do have 7 columns of data which have the summary information displayed as filters to the right, the users would like to filter on keyword selections on the 7 different summary columns ( lied, misled, UDAAP, bankruptcy, deceptive etc...)


            Question ?


            Will I be able to have the filters as 'OR' as users could input filtering criteria on multiple columns and would like to see all data (matching the filters), I am assuming the current filters are executed by 'and' operation.




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              Amber Loranger

              hi Jay,

              there isn't really a way to combine filter using 'or' operator, you are right that it does default to AND.

              You can check our Community Ideas  for a similar suggestion and vote it up, or add one.

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                Chan Cheng Wei

                Hi Jay,


                How about using new calculated field (controlled with parameter) to chose data (or/and)?


                1. New calculated field

                2. Name: #chosen

                3. Calculation: below picture

                Image 001.png

                   Function name: startswith/ endswith/ contains/ ...

                Image 004.pngImage 005.pngImage 006.png


                4. #chosen into filters

                Image 002.png

                5. For your need, you can decide the numbers of parameters.


                Image 003.png