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    Calculation Help

    Barb Reiser

      Please see attached workbook. How can I show how many bookings and the booking # were made in between the begin and end time? I am data blending. I have calls in one data source and bookings in another data source.


      I tried doing a formula, something like this but can't get it to work:

      IF(ATTR([Bookings].[booking time]) > ATTR([Begin Time]) and ATTR([Bookings].[booking time]) < ATTR([End Time])) THEN ATTR([Bookings].[Booking#]) ELSE "no match" END



      I would like it to look something like this:

      5/1/18 1:19:10 PM

      PersonStart TimeEnd Time# of BookingsBooking #
      Apple5/1/18 1:00:10 PM5/1/18 1:09:10 PM1123
      Apple5/1/18 1:10:10 PM5/1/18 1:19:10 PM