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    How to make a heat map with long/lat data with associated numerical values

    Ryan Tom

      Hi! This is my first time posting on tableau, and really my second time using. Love it so far!

      I have a question. So I have an excel file that has 4 colums: year, longitude, latitude, and number of mosquitos.


      Each dot on the graph represents the long/lat and if I hover over the dot, it displays the number of mosquitos. The range of this goes from 1-20,000.

      What I want to do is display a heatmap where the dot with 1 mosquito is green, and as the number increases to 20,000, the darker (blacker) the dot becomes.

      Is there a way to do this?? I didn't quite have this problem with state data, but I certainly am with these points.


      Thank you!