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    Creating an extract and appending new data issue ???

    Wayne Miller

      Hi All,


      I have an issue which I think should be easy to do but for the life of me I cant think how


      I'm connecting to an oracle db and I'm querying for the amount of tasks per day where the year is equal or greater than '2017'

      This query takes a long time to run so I wanted to create an extract for the historical data and then append to it on a daily basis.


      My head tells me to create an extract for the old data and then update the extract to append the new data based on date however my issue is that my sql states equal to or greater than 2017.

      I don't want to query all of this data just to get yesterdays data so I tried to update my sql to only look for create_dt > sysdate-2 BUT when I update the sql I have to refresh the extract which then only gives me 2 days worth of data.


      Like I said this should be easy but Im failing miserably, please help