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    Access the API and Viz Class: when fetching a Tableau, onFirstInteractive never gets called.

    Audrey Jean-Weisz



      I am a programmer and I implemented the following code To fetch and paste it into the "tableau" div component :


              const tableauContainer = document.getElementById("tableau"); 
              const url = this.props.tableauReportUrl; 
              const options = {
                      hideTabs: true,
                      onFirstInteractive: () => {
                      onFirstVizSizeKnown: () => {
              viz = new tableau.Viz(tableauContainer, url, options);


      This works like a charm and the content is being fetch and loaded. However, my goal now is to know when this content is fully loaded. According to your documentation :


      API Reference


      The callback onFirstInteractive should do the trick. Unfortunately, this callback is NEVER "called". Since I am using typescript with ReactJS, I thought maybe the issue was the lambda, however I tested with onFirstVizSizeKnown and it works (onFirstVizSizeKnown gets printed in the console). Thus, I can't figure out why the viz object never gets fully interactive.


      Could you please help me with this issue?




      Audrey JW.