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    Consolidating Multiple Calculated fields into 1

    Benjamin Rubattel

      Hello Everyone,


      I am working a data cleansing with one data provider but in the meantime i am doing some cleansing of this data directly into tableau.


      I have a Reference number that is not entered correctly, for this I use three calulated fields


      1. to get Reference Number 1: Replacing Space and Unwanted Characters


      replace(replace(replace(replace(replace(Replace([Numero de Référence 2],"/",""),"#",""),"~",""),".",""),"-","")," ","")


      2- to ger reference number 2: Keeping the first 10 numbers as they are the one of our reference number


      LEFT(STR([Numero de Reference]), 10)


      My question is, how can I merge both calculation to have only one calculated field?