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    Tableau dynamically change table based on table data granularity

    Suhrid Ghosh



              Our data warehouse is present on vertica columnar database. Normally we segregate our aggregates in to daily, weekly & monthly tables.


               Currently we use combination of custom sql and parameters to query daily or weekly or monthly tables based on user selection from parameter. Parameter has options like Daily , Weekly , Monthly. Based on user selection we query the appropriate daily/weekly/monthly tables by replacing table name like below in custom sql :


              select * from TABLE_NAME_<PARAMETER_VALUE> i.e DAY / WEEK / MONTH.


               Recently we have gone through vertica best practices document for tableau and it is recommended by them to use database views or drag & drop tables for good optimal performance.


               Creating database views or dragging & dropping tables will not help in our case since our tables are segregated based on date granularity.


               Can anyone help on achieving this by optimal method ?



      Suhrid Ghosh