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    Tableau Workgroup Database update in 10.5

    Crystal D'souza

      Hi All,


      Recently Tableau released their 10.5 version. We were earlier using the 10.2.1 version and had developed a few custom admin views on the same such as identifying specific user permissions (publisher/interactor) etc.


      However, with the recent update in 10.5, there have been changes made to the Workgroup Database by Tableau.

      The biggest change impacting my custom admin views was the removal of both "Publisher_tristate" and the "Admin level" fields in the Users Table since I had earlier used these fields along with "licensing_role_id" to identify the permissions correctly for all users on the server.

      Can anyone provide an input on how I could re-build these views again?


      Also, Tableau has now removed the "Unlicensed (can publish)" and "Viewer (Can publish)" permissions from the server. it would be great to know how the users assigned these permissions earlier in 10.2 would be identified in the workgroup database.


      So far, I haven't been able to find any documentation to identify all the changes made to the tables (and how it maps to the older version) or the introduction of new set of values in some of the tables.

      Can anyone provide some insights into these?



      Thanks & Regards,


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          Toby Erkson


          Yup, I'm right there with ya   I had some Custom SQL I used to identify Site Admins and now that easy functionality is gone.  Looking back at the prior Workgroup db notes in prior versions it was stated that the field was being deprecated and then depreciated and now gone


          Case in point:

          -- Text value of admin level for user
              CASE "users"."admin_level"
                         WHEN 5 THEN 'Site'
                         CASE "system_users"."admin_level"
                              WHEN 10 THEN 'Server'
                              ELSE 'None'  -- Regular user
          AS "WB Admin Level Type",

          licensing_role_id is gone from the users table as well.


          (Yeah yeah, we know that using the non-views are subject to change w/o notification (i.e. use at your own risk) but when the views that we're supposed to use are seriously lacking in information our alternatives are equally seriously lacking )


          The hist_users table still contains Site Admin info.  No telling how long that will last and, importantly, if it is accurate given that users.admin_level is gone (I haven't tested and don't plan to cuz I'm feeling all sorts of grumpy right now).

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            Matt Coles

            I had to make an update to my TS Content data source to accommodate the schema changes. You can see if what I did there will work for your purposes. Specifically, it's the "Admin Level" field under the "Owner" folder.

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              Crystal D'souza

              Hello Matt,


              Thank you for your help. Unfortunately. It doesn't help with what I want to achieve right now. We wanted to identify each user permission assigned in a site and the number of people with the respective permissions


              I did have another use case built up to identify just the Admins and the non-admins. That is working fine.


              I've just been playing around with the workgroup database recently. And so far, what I have found is this


              There's a table called "Site_Roles". This needs to be joined with other tables as per requirement. In my case I did this with the "users", "site" and the "system_users" tables to get the full list.

              If I just use the Name field from Site Roles table, it assigns a system administrator as a publisher. So I've had to use the admin level field from the "system_users" table and entered a condition ---> if admin_level=10 then "system admin" else Name (site roles)


              This way, I've now been able to identify each of the site roles which we needed for our Internal purposes.


              PS: Thanks for sharing the link to your workbook. Its giving me some new ideas that are worth reporting. Will probably have a lot of questions answered once I dive into it.


              Toby Erkson : I hope this helps you as well? The challenge for us was that we moved from 10.2 to 10.5 and the site_roles table was introduced was in 10.3 from what I see in this report Tableau Public 

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                Toby Erkson

                public.users.publisher_tristate was deprecated in 10.3 (below) and is now depreciated from 10.5

                Another workbook I gotta fix...

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                  Iwona Wiktorowska

                  My hist_users.publisher_tristate has only nulls even though the documentation says it should have 0,1,2. Anyone knows how to solve this problem (apart from opening a case with Tableau) or has similar issue?

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                    Sagar Srivastava

                    As the admin_level column is deprecated from the users table.

                    Is there any way from where I can get the link of admin_level column from any other table?


                    Basically, I have made a check in my customized script to get the data where admin_level=5 in users table but now as the column is itself deprecated so a script is throwing an error.


                    Does anyone have any idea about that?

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                      Crystal D'souza

                      Hi Sagar,


                      Im gonna assume you were trying to just get a list of server and site admins in 10.5?

                      If yes, have a look at the “Site_Roles” table. That should give you a list of all site roles. This table has been introduced since 10.3.


                      You could then join it with the users table to get the list of users with the specific permissions.


                      Thanks & Regards,


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                        Sagar Srivastava

                        Hi Crystal,


                        Yes, something kind of same. There are two things which I want to know: -



                        First one is columns admin_level is deprecated from users table in 10.5 then there might be some link in another table from where I can get the same details?


                        The second one is in 10.3 version if column admin_level value equals to 5 for some user then does that mean that user is site admin?


                        Thanks in advance.




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                          Elizabeth Collins

                          left join  _users.site_id= _sites.id

                          left join  _users.system_User_id= _system_users.id

                          inner join _users.id = user.id


                          the I created a dimension Site Role

                          if [Site Role Id] = 3 then 'Explorer'

                          ELSEIF  [Admin Level] =10 then 'Server Administrator'

                          ELSEIF [Site Role Id] = 2 then 'Explorer (Can Publish)'

                          ELSEIF [Site Role Id] = 8 then 'Unlicensed'

                          ELSEIF [Site Role Id] = 9 THEN 'Viewer'

                          ELSEIF [Site Role Id] = 11 then 'Site Administrator Creator'

                          ELSEIF [Site Role Id] = 0 THEN 'Site Administrator Explorer'

                          ELSEIF [Admin Level] = 0 and [Site Role Id] = 10 then 'Creator' else [Licensing Role Name] end

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                            Srujan Kovur



                            Can you share script or workbook which you are using to achieve ur requirement.

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                              Crystal D'souza

                              Hi Srujan

                              It would be good to know which version of Tableau server you are trying to replicate this on?