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    Using "Target Filters" to Filter on a Hidden Dimension

    Brad Strylowski



      I am attempting to filter a dataset by a "hidden" dimension (one not represented in the sheet) using a filter action in Tableau Desktop 10.5.3, and am unsure why my filter is not working as intended.


      Data: Describes systems which support various company activities; each entry in my table represents one system-activity relationship.


      Goal: Filter down to systems with a common activity upon selection. For example, selecting "System A" would filter the Systems sheet down to Systems E, H, and J, as these systems each perform one of the Activities that System A performs. I am able to do this in a roundabout manner with the Activities on a separate sheet (by filtering the activities by the selected system, then selecting the remaining activities to filter to the systems that perform one of these activities), but I need to be able to do this from just the Systems sheet.


      Attempted Solution: My best guess was that I needed to set up a filter than runs only on the Activity field, which I set up as shown below:



      I am warned that I am "Missing fields on Systems Source," and selecting a System does not filter the sheet. I've played around with other ways of building the filter which also didn't work, and kept coming back to this build as the only one that made sense. What am I doing incorrectly?


      Thanks in advance!

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          I think that Activities will have to be on your System sheet somehow in order for it to work.

          That will cause there to be multiple squares for each System. Even so, I'm not sure that it's

          going to be able to fully work.


          There is alternative, but it may not be suitable for your datasource type or the size of your dataset.

          It is joining the datasource to itself on the join field of Activity. This way, there is a row for each

          System that shares an activity with another System.


          Then System can be placed on both your Source Sheet and the Target Sheet

          (which is a list of the Activities with their Systems next to it).


          There is a further bit of trickiness involved in what to show when nothing is selected.

          There are multiple copies because of the join, but the following simplifies it:

          IF MIN([System Name])=Max([System Name])

          AND FIRST()=0 THEN  MIN([System Name])

          ELSE MIN([System Name])



          Please see the workbook attached in the Forum Thread.

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            Brad Strylowski

            Thank you! I had suspected that this sort of operation wasn't supported; your alternative was very helpful.