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    More than 1 Label on a bar chart graph

    Richard Couillard

      Hi. I have a stacked bar chart where I am indicating the number of Projects in the lower bar and the number of Reworks in the top bar. I am applying a formula to the Label in order to show only the quantity in the lower bar and the quantity and % of total in the top bar.


      Now I would like to add a Label to the top of each bar with the total quantity indicated in the bottom and top bars. For example, Bottom bar quantity is 7 and top bar quantity is 1. The total at the top of the bar should be 8.


      I already have my formula in the Label mark. Any idea how I might be able to add the quantities shown in the bottom and top bars and display it at the top of the stacked bar?


      I have attached a sample workbook and colored the worksheet in question in red.