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    Help with Sankey Diagram

    Meghan Kyle

      Hi Everyone,


      I am working on some of the past Makeover Monday exercises and taking the opportunity to produce charts I wouldn't otherwise get a chance to product in my day job.  I'm struggling to produce a Sankey Diagram and need some help. I've read a lot of blogs and a lot of forum topics over the last two weeks but I'm definitely missing something.


      I've attached my workbook and data source for reference. The goal is to produce a Sankey where the Chocolate Bars are ranked for Age Group 1 and curve over to their rank in  Age Group 2.  I can get as far as plotting the start and end ranks, but can't paint the curved in between. If someone could help me out with this I would greatly appreciate it. It would then give me a chance to practice the Sankey by curving from Age Group 2 to Age Group 3.




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          Meghan Kyle

          Ah I solved it!  Wow, sometimes it just requires a step back from the problem to see it more clearly.


          I've attached my solution.


          Issue in my original workbook was that I wasn't plotting a curve for each of my required data points. I unearthed the detail by studying my chart in crosstab form which is what I should have done to begin with.


          For each of my Rank measures I did the following:  RUNNING_AVG(AVG([Rank 1])) * -1 


          (1) Applying the RUNNING_AVG is what really got me going down the right track.

          (2) Removing the Age Groups from the detail and leaving only the Padded values allowed me to change the Curve table calc such that it only calculated by each padded value from 1 through 49:



          (3) Adding the -1 allowed the curve to represent a movement in rank in such a way that a Rank 1 of 7 changing to a Rank 2 value of 10 was vizzed as a decrease (See KitKat):




          Still have some clean-up to do in order to handle NULLS but hey, I'm just happy I was able to get the Sankey working :-)


          Workbook attached.