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    Layering Horizontal Bar Graph to show Lowest Value on Top

    Seth McAlister

      I've created a horizontal bar chart that shows today's scheduled flight time, remaining hours to hourly inspection and remaining hours to next due limiter.  In some cases, the remaining hours to the next due limiter are less than the remaining hours to the next hourly inspection.  I'd like to somehow format my bar chart to layer the lowest value on top.


      In the attached .twbx, you'll see that N539AF, N351AF, N755AF, N391AF all show the remaining hours to next hourly inspection, but the remaining hours to the next due limiter is hidden because the hours are less.  I'd want to be able to show the gray on top of the blue in this case, but I want the blue to remain on top of the gray for tails like N955AF, N715AF, N959AF, etc.