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    Duplicate Dimension

    Niranjan Banarjee



      Can anyone let me know a trick to create duplicate dimension.


      Requirement: I have Product-1,Product-2, etc...And I want t create a comparison of the Products based on manufacturer selection.That is having 2 drop downs of Manufacturer-1 and Manufacturer-2.


      So that can get 2 line in the line chart for comparison purpose.

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          Mavis Liu

          Hi Niranjan,


          Please see the attached workbook, I have created two parameters:

          - Ship Mode Parameter Compare 1

          - Ship Mode Parameter Compare 2


          These parameters just contain the 4 different types of ship mode from the global superstore dataset.


          I then created two calculations:

          - Ship Mode Calculatation 1

          - Ship Mode Calculatation 2


          These calculations link to the parameters so will show the sales value when the ship mode matches with what's been selected in the parameter.


          I then added these two calculated fields into the chart to create a combined axis chart.


          Thanks and please let me know if this answers your question.



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            Niranjan Banarjee

            Thanks Mavis seems it will work good.

            Will add value if we can show only the relevant items for the two parameters as i will implement it on the SKU level data.

            If you can share your  thoughts.

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              Mavis Liu

              Hi Niranjan,


              Unfortunately you cannot have relevant values in a parameter, I believe this is only available in filters.


              If you'd like this, an alternative way to create your visualisation is to create a copy of the data source and do a blend.


              I've attached this workbook, where I have shown both my Ship mode filters (one from each data source), and have both of my values as a combined axis chart. You can have relevant values in the filter with the primary data source. But it looks like the option may not be available for the secondary.


              Please note that I have only created a blended on order date. If I blend on Ship Mode, then either of the filters will filter everything and you won't be able to do a comparison.


              Please let me know what you think.



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                Niranjan Banarjee

                I am afraid blending with increase the file size and affect the performance