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    How to create measures from three different files

    Alex Martino

      I have three different files (or they could be tables). They are not connected and just have date/month in common. They related to revenue, operating expenses and cost of goods. The revenue file has lots of detail items, the operating expense has fewer, and the cost of goods just has one entry per month. How can I create a calculation that takes the total of each for each month and allows me to subtract them from each other? Tableau sheet attached.

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          kumar bharat

          Hi Alex,

          1. If you are  using excel files and have common field  between them then u can use joins
          2. if you are using tables from diff databases then use blends otherwise use joins.
          3. there are certain prerequisites on how to blend and what can be blended.read about blending.

          joins are better than blending

          1. please check the below link regarding join.

          Join Your Data

          5.you can use extracts if data is huge instead of live connection.

          extracts are better than live connection.