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    Showing country names over 100% opaque elements and exporting it as text in PDF?


      Hey everyone! I have some data mapped to a few countries that I'm color-coding using Tableau. I've attached the workbook to help replicate this-

      1. Countries that have data don't have their names shown when the color's opacity is set to 100. I think the names are layered below the color layer, how can I move these country names up so they're visible?
      2. When the workbook is exported as a .pdf, the text is converted to a static image and is blurry when zoomed in. How do I export it such that the text is still selectable and editable in a program like Illustrator?
      3. The countries with no data have blurry edges in the exported .pdf file. How can I export it to be scalable- i.e.- something like an .svg?


      I've attached an image of the exported document in Illustrator showing the blurry borders, text, and lack of country names for locations with data.


      Edit- I should add- I've discovered the dual axis solution, but it doesn't add labels for the countries I don't have data for. That, and while the pdf document it outputs has editable text, it is most importantly not Illustrator friendly (each letter is it's own layer), and on a minor gripe- doesn't scale to match the size of each country like the default text, and is also formatted differently.